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Different Page Views - In Blogger Stats & Adsense Stats?

Different Page Views  - In Blogger Stats & Adsense Stats?

Many among us are having issue about different page view stats between blogger  & adsense. Are you having 1000 page views on your blog , but in adsense only 100 views? CTR is increasing too! Is your Google Adsense Account safe? What are the reasons of different page views in blogger stats & Adsense Stats?


>> Adsense On Every Page

Check if the Adsense advertisements are showing on every page. If the traffic on those pages which are not having Adsense Advertisements, will not count the traffic in Adsense. So, make sure the ads are displaying in proper manner to every page.

Blogger counts All Visitors While Adsense Doesn't

Blogger counts every visitors while Adsense doesn't because many visitors use Adblockers as well as JavaScript enabled on their device. So, the Adsense doesn't doesn't count those visitors and the issue about page views between Blogger & Adsense occurs.

Organic traffic

A person who search about a keyword and the information about the related keywords he gets is called organic traffic of that website.  But the traffic in Adsense eyes is spam or auto generated will not be counted in Adsense Stats. 

I'm not 100% certain views difference between Blogger & Adsense stats, but this are the few reasons mentioned above.

If you are having same problem or having experience-based Opinion on this stat issue then please share in the comment box.
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