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How To Increase Website/Blog Traffic -Reach Millions of Mobile Users


Every blogger starts the blog/website with a dream in their heart. Many bloggers start blogs but do not get traffic to the blogs.Normally, New bloggers face this problem.

Why you don't get traffic to your blog or website?

• High loading speed of Website
• The blog is not mobile friendly
• Using more widgets
• Explanation of content is not proper
• No use of SEO friendly Images
• Lack of knowledge about SEO
• more advertisements on website

How to increase traffic to a blog/website? How to increase the blog's ranking?


In simple words, Healthy and Organic traffic comes to website / blog with the help of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).Proper SEO is required to increase the rank & traffic to the website.Without proper SEO, you will not be able to grow your website.
With the help of SEO your website / blog shows in Search Engine (Yahoo, being, google etc.).

When you search for something about anything in google then the articles are found on the first page. Why those Articles On First Page? Because the website which has a good SEO gets benefits and it comes in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

SEO Penalties and Algorithmic Updates

SEO is very important for Website & Blog . But some people use incorrect SEO techniques  so that this kind of SEO is called Black Hat SEO which is wrong. There are two types of SEO.

• White Hat SEO -This kind of SEO is used in the right way to bring the website & blog in the search engine is called White Hat SEO.

• Black Hat SEO -   This kind of SEO contains wrong techniques to bring the website & blog into the search engine, is called Black Hat SEO.

Types of SEO

SEO is important for increasing traffic to your website or blog. SEO can be done in two ways.

ON-PAGE-SEO: On-Page-SEO contains website or  blog design, post title, permalink, search description, image optimization, etc. While writing articles in website or blog , above points are important for on-page-SEO.

• OFF-PAGE-SEO: After publishing an article, this kind of SEO is used to bring the website in the search engine is called off-page-SEO.

How to increase traffic on website & blog by On-Page-SEO?

• Title Keyword: The title is imported for On-Page-SEO. Targeted keyword should always be in the beginning of title.Do not put keywords in the end of the title.

Example - "On-Page-SEO - increase traffic"(100% very good)

Permalink: Permalink should always be small and contain the main keywords. Search Engine gives value to 2 to 3 main keywords of permalink. This means that you should always have 2 to 3 main targeted keywords in the Permalink.
For example


•  Starting paragraph of Article : Use the targeted keywords in the first paragraph. By doing so, the search engine will know what the article is about. Use the main keywords in the first 100-150 words.

Use Modifiers in Title: Use modifiers in title such as 'top', 'best', '10 famous'.

 For example, 'Top 10 YouTubers of All Time'

Internal links: internal links  means linking old publishing article links to your article. With this, more people will spend time on your website & blog which is really good. For instance, linking the related Old Publied Articles with Hyperlinks to the Important Point is necessary.

• Video & images: There should be videos and images for your article.Article should not make readers boring. This is the reason why many readers leave the article unread. Post should be attractive

• Post Description: If we search about anything on Google, then the title first appears after Permalink and then the description. It is important to write a good written description of the article.

• Website loading speed: Website & blog loading speed should be less than 2 seconds,is called good speed. If the website takes too much time to load, the readers will not come again on that website & blog. Website & Blog's loading speed You can check by visiting this website


Use keywords in H2 and H3 headings: Use the main keyword in H2 and H3 headings. This method will make your SEO a strong one.

The above tips for On-Page-SEO are very helpful. If you follow the above tips then you will get good results.

How to increase traffic on website / blog by Off-Page-SEO?

Search Engine Submission: Search Engine Submission is an import part for making off-page-SEO. Submit your website or blog to popular search engines like Yahoo, Bing, MSN, Google. The advantage of search engine submission is that your articles will be easily saved in their data base and if someone searches, your article will easily show which will increase the organic traffic.

Blog Directory Submission: The blog directory Submissionsis a good method to bring traffic to the  website. You must definitely submit your website or blog. Submit your site to the best blog directory submission sites like Yahoo directory, Zoom info etc

Social networking sites: Social networking sites to bring traffic to websites and blogs have become trend nowadays. You can gain quality traffic by posting your articles on social media. You can share your articles on facebook, whatsapp.

• Forum Posting: You can search, your website or blog related forum website to give answer  the people by responding to their questions. Find your website related forum where you can help people and also add links of your own website or blog. In this manner  your network will be stronger as well as web traffic will be increased.

• Classified Article Submission: Some sites promote your articles for free, for that you have to submit your articles to the article submissions sites. Remember ,stay away from paid article submissions sites.

Classifieds Article Submission Site List

• craigslist.com
• backpage.com
• oodle.com
• adpost.com
• epage.com
• Myspace
• Vivastreet

Guest posting: The way, traffic is generated by answering the questions of the people by going to the forum, the same way, guest posting means generating traffic by posting your own articles  on another websites.When writing a post, Must add a link in the article.

• Social Bookmarking Site: Social Bookmarking site is a great way to bring traffic to your website or blog. Many bloggers do not use it because they do not know anything about it. I will give you a suggestion that  use popular bookmarking sites. In this way, you can bring great traffic to your website or blog and increase your network.

 Some popular bookmarking sites

• StumbleUpon
• Delicious
• Digg
• pinterest.com
• reddit.com
• wirefan.com
• newsmeback.com
• indiblogger.in

• Blog Review: You can post interview on your blog that is related to your Blog topic of successful bloggers.You can post their struggle story that will be beneficial so that their followers and fans will read your post and share that post as much as possible.


Back link is an important part of SEO that is useful to increase traffic on your website or blog alsl to the rank of your blog or websites.

What is Backlink? What is the benefit of Backlink?

Bank links are links that a website receives from another website. For example, if I put a link of your website on my blog then it's your one backlink. This means that if there is more traffic on my website then some of the traffic will go to your website.

The more  backlinks to your website or blog, the more benefits you get, but the website you are getting backlinks should be popular and quality. A websites that has quality backlinks, rank on search engines.

Types of Back links

• Do-Follow
• No-Follow

Do-Follow Backlink: Do-follow bank links are very helpful for the ranking of the website. For example

"<a href="http://www.itecnomart.com/"> itecnomart </a>"

Or else,

"<a href="http://www.itecnomart.com/" rel="do-follow"> itecnomart </a>"

No-Follow Backlink: NO-Follow Back links are not helpful in ranking of your website. If you have a link to a wrong website, then you can use direct no follow link. For example

"<a href="http://www.itecnomart.com/" rel="no-follow"> itecnomart </a>"

How to get backlinks to your website & blog and increase traffic?

• Write Quality Content: Whatever you want to post in your blog or website, it should be quality. Article of your website should be easy because Such articles easily get backlinks.

Blog commenting: You should regularly comment on blogs which are related to your blog and website. In this way you can easily get backlinks.When making a comment, keep in mind that your comment should not be spamy, for example, 'Awesome',' Very Good', 'Keep It Up'etc.Before commenting, first read the article carefully and give your best opinion about it.

Guest blogging: Guest blogging is very helpful in growing your website's backlinks. For Guest Blogging, first of all you need to find reliable Popular blogs for your website and submit guest post there. Please submit your own blog link in the article to the website. Guest blogging will definitely increase the traffic of your website and blog

I hope this post will be useful for your website or blog to increase website or blog traffic, if you have any questions, you can ask in the comment box, I will answer.
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