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What is Google Adsense? How to solve biggest Common Issue of Adsense Address Verification PIN?

What is Google Adsense? How to solve biggest Common Issue of address Verification PIN?

What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is an advertising Service designed by Google which gives Opportunity to the Publishers of website or blog as well as Youtube  to earn money by placing google adsense advertisements. This  Google AdSense program is designed for the Publishers who want to put ads on website or blog  and youtube videos to earn plenty of money. Placing targeted text(Link), Video,Image advertisements, Publishers earn money by Clicks and View time on advertisements provided by Google Adsense.

Advertisements are controlled & managed by Google. To get benefits from Google Adsense, sign up & create Google Adsense account for free within 10 minutes. Revenue is generated on the basis of Per-Click and Per-Impression. To get paid,first become a verified website or Youtube Video Publisher.

What are the Common Issues of Google Adsense? How to Solve them?


 >> PIN is not received or Incorrect PIN

This is the common adsense issue. There are several reasons not  to receive a address verification PIN. Reasons could be following,

  • Your account is not on PIN hold.
  • Your PIN hasn't been sent yet.
  • You haven't waited for four weeks after your last PIN was generated
  • Your payment address is not valid.

Sometimes, becasue of printing mistake, Address Verification PIN get Incorrect. If this issue you're facing then request for new PIN.

         Solution - Request for New PIN


[ Note - Make sure your payment address is valid. If you don't recieve PIN after four weeks, request for new one.]

How To Request New PIN?

Sign in to adsense account
In the left navigation panel,           click Settings.
Click Account, then click                 Account information.
Click the Verify address                  link.
At the bottom of the page,               click Request new PIN.

[Note - If the original PIN(Which Generated First) arrives before new PIN then feel free to use it. Because new PIN is duplicate of original PIN]

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