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Stop Showing Google Ads Below Footer - Page Level Ads Problem


There are many friends facing problem about page level ad implementation. Whenever you put page level ad code inside <head> ad code </head> section, you get to see ad is displying below the footer. Page level ads are working properly but another ad is showing below the footer.

How to stop Showing google ad below footer page?

Here is the solution that might work for you as you can try it.

Check if you modified page level ad code "enable-page-level-ad: true into false" If this is done then surely ad might show below footer.

Another method is to log in to your adsense account and go to My Ads then click on Page Level Ads and in the left side in sub section of my ads, now in the page level ads setting ,you have to turn off Quick Start Ads menu.

  1. Sign in
  2. Click on My Ads
  3. Then Click On Page Level Ads
  4. Turn of Quick Start Ads menu
I hope this will work with you. Comment if you like this advice.
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